Traditional Family Butchers

Mildenhall & Bullock Ltd.

Quality meat with affordable prices

Meat packs:

Beef & pork pack:

2 Kg Sausages,

1 Kg Chuck Steak

1 Kg Mince beef

2 Kg Pork steaks

Usually £39.75

All for £30.00

Value pack:

1 Kg Sausages

1 Kg Chuck steak

1 Kg Pork chops

1 Kg Mince beef

6 Beef burgers

1 Slipper gammon joint

Usually £44.80

All for £40.00

Mixed meat pack:

1.5 Kg Sausages

1 Kg Pork chops

1 Kg Mince beef

1 Kg Chicken breast

2 Kg Slipper gammon joint

usually £42.78

All for only £35.00

BBQ pack A

(seasonal only)

15 Burgers

1 Kg Chicken portions

1 Kg Pork ribs

2 Kg Sausages

Usually £41.30

All for £35.00

Please ensure you order as packs to get the full savings. All meat packs are packed to your requirements ready for home freezing. please advise on these upon ordering or shopping.